It is done.

Peter Makovicky has posted the newest photo of Sue on Twitter.

                                                      Looks over at the initial concept art                                                          Looks back

But it’s not just one photo.

Wait…is this just the old mount’s pose with a more tilted neck and head?…

Rough and probably inaccurate assumptions aside, it is extremely nice to see one of the (probably)most accurate Tyrannosaurus mounts. Looking back on these photos, however, it may just be me setting my expectations too high, but, it just feels a bit disappointing(don’t murder me). It feels to me that this mount still gives off the same vibe as the old mount. They did do everything they promised. They promised accuracy, they gave accuracy. They promised a walking pose, we got a walking pose. They promised a smaller room, we got a smaller room. They fulfilled everything that they said they would do perfectly. However…newsue_patagotitan

…after this concept(albeit a probably inaccurate one) was released, maybe I just expected something more different from the original mount. You have a closed mouth and a more regal, upright pose for the neck in the concept art, and then you have an open mouth(hopefully not roaring) and a more horizontal neck for the actual mount. However, without context of that concept art, this mount is great. They’ve opened up Sue’s jaws, and the sheer size of Sue will be, without a doubt, emphasized in this new space. The mount is very imposing, and, even though the Sue exhibit will only be opening in 2019, the fast completion of the mount is still great. This is because of that peephole into the exhibit near the display on cetaceans. All the kids can now see Sue once more, and all those people who were complaining about not being able to see Sue until 2019 can now be satisfied. Let us welcome the newest addition to the plethora of Tyrannosaurus mounts, the new FMNH PR 2081.


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