The media launch for the Tyrannosaurus specimen SUE just happened at the Field Museum, and for those of us that weren’t able to attend the launch(which is probably most people), Phil Hore has provided some great looks into the finished(?) exhibit. And… damn. This exhibit is a work of art.
I’m not going to touch too much on these details, as I should be going to visit FMNH PR 2081 sometime in the following weeks. But anyway, there’s a series of splendid video screens set up showing Hell Creek as it was in the latest Maastrichtian, a genius light show featuring the specimen itself, and some shadow displays.

Sue animation panels from Phil
Multiple video screens form one single story from the right perspective. Source
Triceratops SUE from Phil
A Triceratops skull, once set among the other ceratopsians in Evolving Planet, peers out. Source
Screenshot (91)
A light show creates animated shadows on the wall and even highlights specific bones on the mount. Source

And even without all the fancy lighting, the mount looks beautiful in the completed exhibit.

SUE August-December
The space around Sue has changed dramatically in just four months. Photo on the left by author, and photo on the right by Hore.

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